Inquiries and Complaints Channel

In this channel of inquiries and complaints, inquiries or claims of a commercial nature are not allowed. To do this, use this form: Contact or call customer service.

Clarifications to fill in the form

Types of communication

  • COMPLIANCE: Conduct contrary to the law or corporate policies.
  • INFRINGEMENTS TO SOCIAL SECURITY / TAX AGENCY: Contracts, fraud, corruption and the like.
  • PREVENTION OF LABOR RISKS / ENVIRONMENT: Bad practices, irregularities, deficiencies and suggestions.
  • WORKING NATURE: Harassment, abuse, discrimination, labour, moral and/or sexual, equality plan, gender violence, cyberbullying
  • OTHERS: Anything that is not reflected above and is extremely important, where it concerns the worker, the company or their civil liability.

Optional boxes:

  • CONFIDENTIAL: If you check this box, Elektro3 will not reveal your identity during the management of the communication.
  • NO COMMUNICATIONS: If you check this box, Elektro3 will not inform you of the actions carried out in the communication management.
  • ANONYMOUS: If you check this box, Elektro3 will not receive any personal data, consequently, it will not be able to communicate with you through any channel.

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